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Mad City Justice Sand Boxed

Posted by admin on October - 29 - 2022

Mad City is an unpredictable sandbox with open world and bright graphics, it’s possible to get into serious criminal history at any moment. In the game you are waiting for a huge metropolis, new types of weapons, shooters with cars and chases, complete the task for money, games with good graphics without the Internet shooting. This city life, cars, you can create your own auto business, there is an opportunity to buy a house after performing cash missions.Bandits in this sunny city and strive to hijack motorcycles, cars and trucks parked in the sleeping areas of the city, cops are constantly shooting with street gangs, building accidents occur, people swear, fight … Your main task is to head all this criminal chaos – to become the main gangster in the city!In a sunny city every second something happens somewhere. Beautiful and safe at first glance, quarters are not just decorations, they are full of small groups of gangsters, corrupt cops (you can intervene in any random criminal event and make your own mafia clan).The main feature of the city is the availability of a business district, with huge skyscrapers. You can climb the roof of one of the skyscrapers, find a parachute. And enjoy the beauties of Sunny Mad City, smoothly descending from the roof of one of the skyscrapers.Features:- You can jump with a parachute and do skydiving.- Complete freedom of action in the open world.- Banks, weapons shops, auto shop.- The police as in real life will stop any of your illegal actions.- Realistic physics and visual effects.- Configurable quality of graphics, setting the amount of traffic in the city.Do not let the agents get under your cover to get to you. Go away from the pursuit and shooting with local gangsters. Show yourself in the midst of real street wars, be ready to feel the shooters cool shooters, race without rules on the machines. Set up street races, chase with gunfire from the police, squeeze out business, go through interesting missions.
*12*= switch weapon*mouse*= look, shoot, aim, switch weapon*space*= jump*E*=sit or exit car*WASD*= move or drive*P*= pause*shift*= rear mirror*V*= switch car camera*U*= open parachute

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